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                     Current Discount Program Participants - Poway, CA

Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria

Dream Dinners

Law & Management Resource Center

Law Offices of Susan J. Sanders Family Law Specialist

Le Salon Du Kat

Mount Woodson Golf Club

Replica Printing Services

Sportsplex USA

Symons Fire Protection

TCR Services

Wright Trammel Transportation

Every Poway Business Park Association participant can be a part of our Discount Program! Participation in the Poway Business Park Association's Discount Program is a great way to market your business – for FREE!

Requirements to Participate: 
1. Your business must be either located in the Poway Business Park or a PBPA Associate. 
2. Your business must commit to providing a discount to PBPA participants. No specific type of discount is required and your business can change the discount offered. You can cancel participation at any time by simply letting us know. 
3. Tell us you would like to participate by submitting the form below

Benefits of Participation: 
1. Listing on the PBPA website with a link to your business. 
2. Possibilities, possibilities, and more possibilities – grow your business by helping other PBPA participants and visitors to the PBPA website learn about your business and the services/products it offers.

If you would like more information about our having a business spotlight, please email us If you would like to submit to reserve your business spotlight in our next newsletter, please complete and submit the form below. 

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Discount Program